Island Massage by Charlo - Deer Isle, Maine

Why Watsu®?

We are all formed of the same elements as the ocean. We are mostly composed of liquid. This most common chemical compound on earth is very important to us. It is very uniquely effective as a means to relax, sedate, float, nourish, stimulate, strengthen, heal or rejuvenate us. At Ulumúri you can hear its inner call and surrender to your breath and your heart, freeing you, as you are supported by both the water and a caring person, as you both sink and rise to your in sync breaths. The trustful surrendering to the inner relaxing, which fulfills our human need to feel safe, nurtured, nourished and to be touched, in a non-sexual way, can be profound and transformational.

Imagine yourself being floated, eyes closed, gentle sounds piped in, in just about skin temperature water. At Ulumúri, a pool built especially for Watsu, although available for other water therapies, our peninsular community now has a place for our local and visiting members to experience these popular types of therapy.

Where and by whom was this therapy developed & devised?

Harold Dull, a poet and Shiatsu master developed it in 1980 at Harbin Hot Springs in California. He just took Shiatsu massage and yoga, which he had learned here and in Japan, into the warm water pools there and kept refining it as he saw what it could do with the people that received from him and the people that he taught to float others. Water Shiatsu became "Watsu®." After 30 years, he is, with others, continuing to devise many Paths of Watsu and Tantsu® (Watsu on land) all over the world. Check and the YouTube videos for more info.

Auntie Charlo's Aquatic Massage is just taking my various massage modalities that I have been practicing since 1985, for which I am nationally certified and Maine licensed, into the warm water during Watsu sessions or with flotation devices.

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