Island Massage by Charlo - Deer Isle, Maine


HAWAIIAN HOT STONE MASSAGE ~ LOMI LOMI POHAKU WELAWELA This is a special form of lomi lomi massage therapy that I would like to offer my clients. (See lomi lomi page on this web site.) It requires preparation, so needs to be requested at time of scheduling.

I studied this modality the last time I went to Hawaii after attending the Hawaiian Lomilomi Conference in Hilo. The class was taught by Wesley Sen, a conference leader who, like I, was also a student of Aunty Margaret Machado. We gathered and dedicated stone sets, similar to the ones I mindfully gathered here and use in my practice. We learned hands on respect for many other forms of the Hawaiian culture. Most importantly Wesley showed us how to adapt Aunty's lomi lomi to a form that is enhanced by the heated stones. He had an amazing way of teaching us in Japanese, English and Hawaiian...until we all understood the basic Hawaiian. We worked on tables set out on woven mats. The stones were heated in water filled pots on small gas burners and the oil was coconut scented by essential Polynesian flower oils. We were taught useful draping, to provide modesty, yet to allow access to using the warm stones. When all was ready and we had prayed, we learned to oil the body generously. Using the stones as massage tools, repeating several times, massage of the pathways of the body, bottom to top and back down, we massaged the back and then when done the front. We were continuously moving the stones, with only time to replace the cooled stones with warmer ones, add more oil for better glide or to focus the massage on the head or feet or abdomen.

I was so pleased to see how wonderful Aunty's stomach massage was done with the warm stones. Wes taught an easy way to drape the chest to allow a comfortable way to work on the abdomen. It really is an important area to include in any massage. Wesley taught us that if we fix the problem in the stomach, other muscles will loosen. He said that a lot goes wrong in the stomach that shows up as pain elsewhere. Unless the client does not desire stomach massage or just doesn't want it at that time, I am happy to provide the service.

When finished the body hums with contentment. These warm stones, the pohaku welawela, massaged on the body, can speed relaxation and healing.

For your information, I heat the stones in a water filled electric roaster that allows the temperature to be more easily controlled. I also keep room temperature water handy to make quick adjustments if necessary. Be assured that I would never massage with stones that are too hot for my hands to hold or for you to tolerate.

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