Island Massage by Charlo - Deer Isle, Maine


Sometimes a local person will have to deal with the physical results of an automobile accident or try to collect Workers Compensation for employment related accident or injury. If a physician determines the need of massage therapy to help recover more quickly, the client can talk to me about coming to the studio/clinic for neuromuscular reeducation for the soft tissue work. The book work and waiting for reimbursement are often very challenging. After each massage, the HCFA-1500 forms need to filled, copied, and sent.

First there must be a written diagnosis, with diagnosis code(s) and a prescription for massage therapy from a massage therapist for a certain number of sessions per week for a certain number of weeks before the need for re-evaluation from the physician or health prescribing person.

If you get a massage therapist prescription and diagnosis, then there is a need for the state id numbers for that person, their name, the name of their office, its address and the business phone with extension where that person can be reached.

The insurance information for company or companies and policy #(s) and contact info are all needed. E-mail address helps.

A case worker and a case number are needed for each insurance company, with their phone number, extension and any other contract information.

Date of occurrence of accident, illness or injury is needed.

Full name, Phone #, age and address of client are needed. Insured ID number and policy group or FECA Number. Employer's name or school name. Insurance plan name or program name.

These are some of the hoops to jump through. With patience, I am willing to try to help. The massaging is the easiest part! The S.O.A.P notes and forms are the hardest part.

Inquire about or book sessions by calling me at 207.348.6684 or email me.